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WIFI Lost was created over 3 days in Virginia, Ireland. The crew involved women from 8 European Countries – Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and United Kingdom. 

These women had never met each other before but were brought together by an Erasmus+ project called WIFILM – Women in the Film Industry. The story follows two women – a young woman and an old woman who begin an unknown intertwined journey far from home.

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‘The Future of Film is Female’ Aims to Diversify the Big Screen January 24, 2023 - The Future of Film Is Female (FOIF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of female and non-binary filmmakers, with a particular emphasis on short film (the Nitehawk’s short film festival is a key part of its annual programming) and finding space for both features and shorts on the big screen, founded in […]
“Blue Moon” September 27, 2021 - WIFILM are proud to announce that the Romanian movie “Blue Moon” took the Golden Shell for best film at the 69th edition of Spain’s biggest film festival “SAN SEBASTIAN FILM FESTIVAL”.”Blue Moon” is the feature debut of Romanian director Alina Grigore and follows a young woman trying to escape from an abusive rural home.More information […]
2022 Academy Awards February 14, 2022 - The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced (8) the nominees for the 2022 Academy Awards. Among the highlights are a number of films starring, directed or produced by women, as “Attack of the Dogs”, which accumulated 12 nominations, and “Love, Sublime Love”, with seven. In the main category of the award, Best Film, […]
2022 in Review: Women starred in many of the year’s most fascinating films. January 24, 2023 - WOMEN—PUSHING SOCIETAL OBJECTIVES, FIGHTING FOR AUDIENCE, USING POWER, DEALING WITH MOTHERHOOD, pursuing quests, and changing the world. An unprecedented number of notable films in 2022 starred multifaceted, strong women—conductors, nursemaids, journalists, and moms; provocateurs, seekers, and rebels. What distinguished the year on film was the way storylines were conveyed passionately and tightly from a female […]
According to an AFI study, women were better represented in Hollywood during the silent film era January 24, 2023 - According to a new AFI study, women made up a higher share of writers, directors, and producers during Hollywood’s silent era. The study comes at a time when recent data indicates that Hollywood has fewer female creators and directors behind some of its most popular films. The AFI research, “Women They Talk About,” chronicles the […]
Angela Bassett to Receive the Distinguished Artisan Award at 2023 Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards January 24, 2023 - The Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild (MUAHS) announced today that Angela Bassett, actress, director, and executive producer, will receive the 2023 Distinguished Artisan Award. She will accept the award at the 10th Annual MUAHS Awards, presented by Dyson and HASK® Beauty on Saturday, February 11, 2023, at The Beverly Hilton. Julie Socash, President of […]
Article from THE CONVERSATION February 14, 2022 - Teresa Valente Chloé Zhao has made history at the 93rd Academy Awards as the first Asian-American woman and first woman of colour to win Best Director. She won for Nomadland, which Zhao also edited, produced, and adapted as a screenplay (from the book by Jessica Bruder). This was one of a trifecta of above-the-line prizes […]
Best 2022 movies directed by women January 24, 2023 - This past year was a stormy one for women all over the world, particularly in terms of the restrictions placed on them and their bodies, from the repeal of abortion rights in the United States to rallies against forced hijab in Iran. The resulting political intensity has undoubtedly influenced female filmmaking, imbuing it with a […]
Cate Shortland October 7, 2021 - The Buenos Aires native is prepping the release of the MCU’s fourth phase, beginning with Black Widow (July 9) and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Sept. 3) — helmed by the first solo female (Cate Shortland) and Asian (Destin Daniel Cretton) directors for the studio, respectively.
Charlotte Vandermeersch May 25, 2022 - Charlotte Vandermeersch is an acclaimed Belgian stage and screen actress. She also sings and writes for film and theater. In 2011 she wrote a version of the screenplay of “The Broken Circle Breakdown” with her partner Felix van Groeningen. “The Eight Mountains” is her first film as co-director. “The Eight Mountains” is screening at the […]
DinaView August 30, 2022 - Teresa ValenteImportant to see the point of view of DinaView lifelong film enthusiast, traveller, storyteller, street photographer, among others,… about Women in Cinema. Check the link:
European film industry February 14, 2022 - The European film industry has been impacted for two years by the pandemic, but it has been able to resist and organize itself thanks to its production methods and its great diversity. British, Danish, Bosnian, French and Romanian films have won numerous international prizes and shone on big and smaller screens. Danish director Thomas Vinterberg […]
Female Directors Led by Personal Experience Created Three of 2022’s Best Films January 24, 2023 - 2022 has proven to be a good year for filmmakers interested in exploring their personal experiences through film. Some of the year’s most critically acclaimed films have been made by budding female directors who have opted to probe their sense of self and recollections of the past with their latest endeavors. Given the creative and […]
Florence Pugh refuses to submit to Hollywood body standards January 24, 2023 - Florence Pugh has stated that she will not bow to Hollywood body standards. The actress also admitted people were left “shocked” when she refused to diet for jobs and that demands imposed on women by the film profession are “shocking”. While chopping ingredients for her garlic crostini bread for Vougue’s Youtube Channel Florence said: “Body […]
How ‘Book Club’ Challenges Aging Tropes With Its Iconic Cast January 24, 2023 - It’s fantastic to see more possibilities for actors who came up at the tail end of Hollywood’s Golden Age in a youth-obsessed industry. Book Club 2: The Next Chapter follows Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen as they fly to Italy for the fun girls trip their characters never had. It’s worth […]
IMAGINE THIS WOMEN’S FILM FESTIVAL IS GOING VIRTUAL! September 22, 2021 - Teresa Valente#ITWIFF21 will be presenting more than 160+ films, talkbacks, live panels, fireside chats, screenplay competition table reads, and special events. Made by women and binary filmmakers, for everyone. From September 24th to October 3rd – see the program:
International Day of Women and Girls in Science February 14, 2022 - On 11 February, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science was marked, with the motto: “Equity, diversity, and inclusion: water unites us.” Organisations such as the Royal Academy of Science International Trust (RASIT) and the United Nations continue to work towards achieving equality in science, technology and innovation, in line with the goals […]
Jane Campion wins best director Oscar March 28, 2022 - Jane Campion wins best director Oscar for The Power of the Dog. Janne Campion becomes the third woman to win the award, after Chloé Zhao in 2021 and Kathryn Bigelow in 2010. Janne Campion has already won a string of prizes for the film, including best director at the Baftas, Golden Globes and Directors Guild […]
Margot Robbie Is Empowering Hollywood’s Next Generation of Women January 24, 2023 - LuckyChap Entertainment, which Robbie co-founded with her husband Tom Ackerley and friends Sophia Kerr and Josey McNamara in 2013, has been responsible for a plethora of films that turn the narrative of a submissive female heroine on its head. Robbie is empowering women to regain their voices and express their experiences on their own terms […]
MASTERCLASS November 23, 2021 - EWA TALKS: A MASTERCLASS WITH CHRISTINA SULEBAKK HBO MAX EMEA GENERAL MANAGER Christina Sulebakk was appointed General Manager of HBO Europe in July 2020 and in January 2021 she was announced as General Manager HBO Max EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). In her current role, Christina is responsible for upgrading current HBO streaming services in […]
Michelle Yeoh: “We Can Tell Our Own Stories on Our Own Terms” January 24, 2023 - Michelle Yeoh won an award and made history at the National Board of Review dinner last night. The actress won Best Actress for her performance in “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once,” a sci-fi comedy about a Chinese American woman forced to deal with the aftermath of an interdimensional rupture. ” I am so incredibly proud […]
Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Women’s Film Festival February 14, 2022 - Teresa - Storytellme Olhares do Mediterrâneo – Women’s Film Festival, which took place in November 2020, continued to showcase the cinematographic work of women from the Mediterranean basin. During an intense week full of films, roundtables, masterclasses and workshops, shared experiences on how to position / boost women’s work in the film industry and we […]
Óscars 2022, a great moment for women in cinema. March 28, 2022 - Jane Campion, became the third female film-maker ever and the second in a row to win best director in the 94-year history of the Academy Awards. Director Sian Heder won the night’s top gong, taking home best picture and best adapted screenplay, for Coda – just her second feature-length film and the first win for […]
Portuguese Films Directed by Women in 2020 October 7, 2021 - Teresa Valente In the atypical year of 2020, the Portuguese films with the highest visibility at national and international level, were directed by women: Listen, by Ana Rocha de Sousa, and A Metamorfose dos Pássaros, by Catarina Vasconcelos.
Sarah Polley made a film by a new set of rules to fight sexism on set January 24, 2023 - When Sarah Polley was approached about turning Miriam Toews’ novel “Women Talking” into a film, she wasn’t seeking for a project to direct. Since the publication of “Stories We Tell,” a very personal documentary about Polley’s late mother, in 2012, the Canadian director has spent most of the last decade focusing on parenting her three […]
Seville European Film Festival November 23, 2021 - For the last 15 years, the Seville European Film Festival has built step by step to become now one of the three or four most important film industry events in Spain.The Seville European Film Festival has seen an increasing dynamism from Andalusia itself in terms of filmmaking and institutional infrastructure. Women in Focus, for example, […]
The Future Belongs to Actresses Who Run Their Own Production Companies January 24, 2023 - Nowadays, so many female actors aspire to be producers. What began as a trickle in the late 1990s and early 2000s with production firms founded by Drew Barrymore, Salma Hayek, and Charlize Theron has escalated into a flood of talent-producing films and television shows under their own name. Regina King, Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson, Octavia […]
The role of women in film, by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi February 14, 2022 - French-Italian actress and director, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, has talked to Euronews about the role of women in film, and how perceptions have changed. See more Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi talks frankly about women in film | Euronews
To Listen January 24, 2023 - Long monologues are used in films ranging from the biographical “Till” to the thriller “Resurrection” to allow female characters a chance to be heard. It’s not every day that a film is produced that is entirely comprised of monologues, as is the case with Frederick Wiseman’s recent drama “A Couple,” which focuses on Sophia Tolstaya […]
Trailer BE NATURAL September 22, 2021 - Teresa ValenteA valuable contribution to the conversation about the challenges women face as filmmakers, can be seen in Pamela B Green’s documentary, Be Natural, about the “lost” foremother of film, Alice Guy-Blaché.
Vicky Krieps and Kristen Stewart Talk About The Importance Of Female Stories And Creators January 24, 2023 - Kristen Stewart conducts an in-depth conversation with Vicky Krieps, who excels as Empress Elisabeth in Corsage, the IFC film that has put the actress and director Marie Kreutzer in Oscar contention for a picture nominated for Best International Film in Austria. Stewart is a big fan of the film and recounts how Krieps came up […]
WHY DO WOMEN STRUGGLE TO BE SEEN AND HEARD IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES? February 14, 2022 - Teresa ValenteAn expert-led free panel on gender equality in film, TV, and theatre. The event will be a panel discussion followed by a Q&A. Tue, 14 September 2021 – 18:00 – 19:00 WEST – registration here:
Women Directed Record Number of 2020 Films October 7, 2021 - Hollywood tapped a record number of women to call the shots on major movies in 2020, according to a new study from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University. Women represented 16% of directors working on the 100 highest-grossing films in 2020, a high-water mark for […]
Women in Film Launches 2023 ‘Vote For Women’ Awards Season Campaign January 24, 2023 - For the fourth consecutive year, Women In Film has released its awards season ballot, recognizing the women whose work behind the camera made this year’s biggest films possible. As critics and guilds start voting and handing out awards, the WIF #VoteForWomen ballot seeks to remind voters and shine a light on the women and nonbinary […]
WORLD’S LEADING FILM FINANCE CONFERENCE BASED IN UK September 22, 2021 - Teresa ValenteFilm Finance Forum 2021 Film Finance Forum in London, UK is the leading virtual film finance conference 2021, focusing on film finance, film distribution, film production and film investments. It brings together film funds, film producers, executive producers, heads of content, film directors, film festival directors and film investors from Hollywood, AFM, British Film […]

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