To Listen

Long monologues are used in films ranging from the biographical “Till” to the thriller “Resurrection” to allow female characters a chance to be heard.

It’s not every day that a film is produced that is entirely comprised of monologues, as is the case with Frederick Wiseman’s recent drama “A Couple,” which focuses on Sophia Tolstaya and her difficult marriage to Leo Tolstoy. That wasn’t the only 2022 film that used a speech in an unexpected way. In August, the strange psychological thriller “Resurrection” contained one that was longer than any in “A Couple” and most likely the longest shown all year. In “Till,” which depicts Emmett Till’s gruesome 1955 murder, a critical courtroom shot of Emmett’s mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, on the stand is kept for more than six minutes, every second packed with anguish.

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