Best 2022 movies directed by women

This past year was a stormy one for women all over the world, particularly in terms of the restrictions placed on them and their bodies, from the repeal of abortion rights in the United States to rallies against forced hijab in Iran. The resulting political intensity has undoubtedly influenced female filmmaking, imbuing it with a sense of urgency that can be seen in some of 2022’s best films.

Some similar themes connect the year’s most critically praised female-directed films, with many of them reaching back in time for historical moments that speak to our uncertain present. From the genuine story of two volcano-exploring lovers to the fictitious portrayal of a young father and his adolescent daughter, the best films directed by women provide a diverse range of stories.

On the list we can find movies like “Corsage”, “Women Talking”, “The Janes”, “All the Beauty and the Bloodshed”, and “Aftersun”.

Check the full list here:

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