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Welcome to the WIFILM project.

WIFILM is an innovative project that addresses the rampant gender inequalities that are widely noticeable in the Film Industry to date. WIFILM provides digital native females who are interested in a career within the Film Industry to shape their own future by developing their knowledge of key roles within the industry.

The WIFILM project provides females who are aspiring to develop a career within the Film Industry, as well as females already working in the industry, with a range of educational resources that will act as short-taster courses on the different roles that exist within the industry.

About Us!

WIFILM proposes a range of learning material that addresses the need to develop the skills of females who are aspiring to begin or develop their careers within the film industry.

The WIFILM learning materials empower females to develop their skillset in order to confidently seek employment opportunities within the film industry. The WIFILM Act Curriculum proposes a series of 15 short form taster courses that females can use to develop their knowledge on the most important roles within the industry, including Administrative Roles, Creative Roles and Technical Roles.

To further assist females in developing key knowledge in the roles within the industry, the WIFILM project offers a Case Study Library on successful females within the film industry. These case studies can be used by females, VET providers or those working with females in the film industry, to highlight the barriers that are present to females in the industry.

Throughout the course of the WIFILM project, project partners from the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Spain, are working with digital native women who are interested in a career within the film industry as well as VET tutors and career guidance experts. To support VET tutors, the WIFILM project proposes an in-service training programme with a focus on the technical roles within the industry as well as case studies on successful females.

To ensure the WIFILM project addresses the needs and requirements of participants, an in-service training event will take place in Cyprus, in November 2021. Furthermore, a WIFILM Symposium will be held in each partner country, in February 2022 to engage the future generation of females in the film industry.

Learning Materials

The WIFILM project – Women in the Film Industry –  addresses the gender inequality in the film industry by training females to be the next generation leaders within the industry. To achieve these objectives, the WIFILM partners are collaborating together throughout the term of the project to produce the following innovative learning materials:


WIFILM ACT Curriculum

The WIFILM Act Curriculum proposes a series of 15 short form taster courses that females can use to develop their knowledge on the most important roles within the industry, including Administrative roles, Creative Roles and Technical Roles. Each taster course will be 4 hours in duration and will provide females with an insight into, and a basic understanding of each of the different actions and responsibilities involved in film production.

WIFILM Case Study Library

The WIFILM Case Study Library will provide VET providers, females interested in developing a career within the industry, or those working alongside females in the industry with a series of case studies on successful women in the film industry. The Case Study Library will highlight the barriers to entry for females in the industry, including deficits in role models, confidence and career planning.

WIFILM In-service Training

Comprising of 35 hours of learning, broken into 21 hours of face-to-face workshops and 14 hours of self-directed learning, the in-service training programme can be used by vocational educators to support their own professional development. Vocational educators will be empowered to develop their own range of educational resources in an online environment.

WIFILM MOOC & Community of Practice

To provide access to the range of educational resources from the WIFILM project, partners propose a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Due to the online nature of the resource, participants can access the materials on their smartphones, mobile device or computers.

Our Partners

WIFILM has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme. The WIFILM project commenced in September 2020 and will run until August 2022. WIFILM is currently being delivered by a team of eight organisations from the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Spain.  

Creative Exchange UK Limited United Kingdom, Coordinator

Creative Exchange is a social enterprise that specialises in building partnerships and networks to help small, creative businesses and organisations develop and grow. We understand the culture of young business and the new wave entrepreneur and find innovative ways to support them in learning how to negotiate the world of commerce. We are part of Impact Hub, an international network with co working spaces in all our partner countries, which serves our target group.

Creative Exchange has also worked with creative people and arts organisations for over 10 years on a variety of programmes and projects both private and publicly funded. It works alongside creative people, social enterprises and business enterprise agencies offering a range of specialist help in order to develop effective, profitable and sustainable businesses. Through our mentoring and support programmes we provide innovative businesses with the assistance they need to flourish and grow by understanding and eliminating the frustrations they experience when accessing public business support systems. We help the creative entrepreneur deal with the business issues that are often a barrier to growth within this sector.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Website address: http://www.creativeexchange.org


EEO GROUP is a private management consulting firm providing consulting services, conducting studies, developing new technology applications and providing services in the area of human resources, with a twenty-years-presence in Greece and abroad. EEO GROUP aims at providing specific expertise for covering the needs in EU funds management in the public and private sectors, in planning, managing and evaluating development programmes at national and EU level, as well as in the area of human resources and new technologies.

The company provides a wide range of integrated consulting services to the public and private sectors in the following areas:

  • Education and lifelong learning: educational reform, policy analysis, strategic planning, lifelong learning, institution building and training
  • Labour markets and Employment Promotion: employment promotion, gender issues, diversity management, youth in the labour market, active employment measures, etc.
  • Human Resources development: institution and capacity building of the public sector in the fields of labour, employment, VET and health sector


CARDET (CENTRE FOR ADVANCEMENT OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY LTD) is one of the leading research and development centers in the Mediterranean region with global expertise in project design and implementation, capacity building, and e-learning. CARDET is independently affiliated with universities and institutions from around the world, such as the Yale University, the University of Nicosia and the International Council of Educational Media. CARDET has completed numerous projects relating to the development of capacity building and planning in education and VET, youth support, adult learning, literacies, digital tools, eLearning, educational technology, and social integration of marginalized groups. One of our core-strengths is our ability to carefully plan, implement, execute and evaluate projects in various contexts


Storytellme is a company that develops products and services that combine entertainment with literacy through personalization. It also develops enterprise solutions based on the tools of Design Thinking, StoryTelling, creative design methodologies for learning and process innovation. Storytellme works with Social Marketing (social networks and network management), Engagement Platforms (digital tools to create engaging experiences for users by meeting goals and objectives or online challenges), and animated graphics (in interactive format and / or video). StoryTellme has experience in workshops in schools using innovative methodologies through gamified platforms (using game methodologies applied to learning).


IFODEF is a private and independent centre for Research, Development and Innovation based in Valladolid, Spain. IFODEF’s mission is to design and carry out projects that contribute to achieve a sustainable and inclusive development through education, culture and innovation.

Hauptstadftallee 239 V V UG (Skills Elevation FHB) Germany

Skills Elevation FHB, Germany, was established in 2019 by a range of educators, environmentalists and academics, with the aim of providing alternative educational methodologies. FHB work extensively to provide support and education for marginalised groups, especially with regards to their social, emotional and cognitive developments. FHB have three main areas of focus; the development of new pedagogic approaches, the development of training materials for marginalised adults and conducting research into social psychology, business and education.



University of Piteşti (UPIT) is a state university, located in Pitesti (in the Southern part of Romania, at 120 kilometres from the capital Bucharest). It aims being a dynamic and efficient HE provider in the region. Currently it is a recipient for over 10.000 students from Muntenia region. It has approximately 500 teaching and administrative staff. It consists of 6 different faculties offering Bachelor, Master and Doctor Diplomas (www.upit.ro). Its objectives are to provide high quality educational, training and research services in order to train specialists in different fields and to create an intellectual community accredited by national and international quality agencies.


The Rural Hub CLG Ireland

The Rural Hub is an Irish association founded in 2012 that provides specific training programmes in order to support and aid members of disadvantaged communities. The Rural Hub focuses on encouraging social inclusion and offering solutions that promote the integration of migrant communities. Alongside this, they specialise in education, e-learning, media production, development, research, and strategic planning. The Rural Hub aims to support greater community involvement and enhance social inclusion by focusing on growing isolated communities. By working on national and EU funded projects, this association has supported local youth groups, migrant communities, senior adults, and individuals who have been absent from education to re-engage with service providers and mainstream education. The Rural Hub delivers a range of diverse programmes to support the next generation of creative individuals to build and sustain successful careers.

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